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J W North ARA RWS at Nettlecombe, West Somerset

Paul Mansfield sent this snippet from the West Somerset Free Press, 15 Feb 1930:

Several artists have been associated with Nettlecombe and the surrounding district. Of those, one of the most dstinguished was J W North, the painter and illustrator. He seems to be kindly remembered by those who knew him. Sir Walter Trevelyan, the squire was among those acquianted with North and recalls interseting anecdotes in regard to him. The artist often painted in the neighbouring valleys, and occasionally it chanced that on his homeward way with his canvas he would fall in with a farmers waggon and some friendly labourers, whereupon he would be invited to place his work aboard to save him the labour of carrying the uncomfortable burden. By and by the waggoner or his fellows would venture a remark about the picture; later, when one of them had grown a little bolder, a criticism would be proferred and finally, as the artist appeared to show no resentment, advice would be freely given. An amusing reversal of position for the eminant Royal Academist certainly. From the descrition of an old man I knew in a village close by it seems that North must have been of remarkable appearance, with the characteristic features of a Patriarch or a Rabbi. He now lies buried in the new graveyard at Nettlecombe.

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